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Alone, a UAV Aerial Photo cannot produce a Land Survey.  However a timely, accurate aerial photo is a cost effective aid in preparation of a complete survey and reduce risk and time of field operations.

Midsouth Mapping, LLC. specializes in the acquisition and processing of accurate, high-resolution aerial imagery to support Land Surveyors in the production of ALTA Land Title Surveys, boundary, corridor and topographic surveys.  We generate accurate, real-time data delivering photogrammetric mapping, orthophotography, topographic mapping, planimetric feature extraction, and digital terrain models (DTMs).


With the use of accurate ground control points, orthomosaics can be rectified and georeferenced to a client’s datum.  In addition, Midsouth Mapping can provide oblique photos and aerial video.  Aerial mapping using photos acquired by UAVs is much more efficient, less costly, and can be delivered much faster than conventionally acquired aerial mapping.  This is especially effective for projects up to 100 acres, which would not justify the expense of scheduling conventional aircraft for the acquisition of mapping.  Midsouth Mapping can also provide digital terrain and surface models (DTM,DSM), contours, 3D model generation, volume computations and planimetric feature extraction.


  • Fewer manual surveying points

  • Visual confirmation when processing data

  • Save money in equipment and manpower

  • Increase Safety – High Traffic, Railroads, hard to reach locations without risk to field personnel

  • Certified Date of Acquisition – unlike dated internet mapping

  • Rapid Acquisition and Delivery – days instead of weeks or months for conventional data.

  • Increased Efficiency - Accurate and current representation of land use, terrain, topography and features, which complement traditional surveying technologies

  • Low Cost - Cost for UAV acquired imagery over conventional aircraft

  • Increase production and profits while providing a more complete and accurate survey

  • Visual support as an added benefit to the client

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